An Unchained Love Review

Unchained loveClean Read !! March 7, 2014

This is such a wonderful romance! I can not wait to read more of her stories. Teresa lily is a really good author !!
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Orphan Train Belle and Orphan Train Bride for Christmas Reviews

orphan train belleOrphan Train Belle

Good to see that love is when you least expect it. Good Belle found someone to love her.That it is out there just open up your heart.
Juanita T



orphantrainbride by christmassmallAn Orphan Train Bride for Christmas
By: Teresa Ives Lilly

This story by Teresa Lilly is captivating! Tommy is Holly’s brother and they live in New York in an orphanage. He leaves on the Orphan Train with the other orphans. Holly is sick when he leaves so she can’t go with him. The next year, at 18, she is too old to go, but the orphanage lets her stay on at the orphanage as a seamstress. Jake Carson adopts Tommy and he works with him in his mercantile shop in Golden, Colorado.

Tommy and Jake talk about sending for Holly, but Jake doesn’t have enough money for her fare. Holly worries about Tommy; she’s received two letters from him, but she wants to see him and make sure he is ok. She wonders what a Colorado Christmas would be like. She is soon to find out!

God works it out where she can get a ride on the Orphan Train and find a place to stay in Golden, Colorado. But can she find a way to see Tommy? Will Jake let her take Tommy when she finds a home of her own? Pick up this great Christmas story that will have you smiling and cheering to the end. Holly and Jake will steal your heart as you read their story. I can’t wait to read more stories by Teresa Lilly!

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Orphan Train Bride Review

Orphan Train BrideOrphan Train Bride 
     It has been the most unusual and exciting day of her life, and Kelli couldn’t help feeling a warmth spread through her soul.
      “Thank you, Lord,” Kelli whispered toward Heaven, “For giving me a home! A home of my own.”What would it be like to be raised in a New York orphanage in the 1800′s?
      What if you were a girl who had worked hard for nineteen years caring for your orphanage family, forming sisterly ties to the babies and younger children you tended every day?
     And then what if you and many other orphans were loaded on the Orphan Train and sent West, traveling across the miles and stopping in towns where men and women waited for a child to take home…. but not you.
     And what if you, Kelli Martin, aged almost twenty, were left unadopted at the last stop of the trip, you and one little boy with a brace on his leg?Kelli and Charlie are the only unclaimed orphans left when the train makes an unscheduled stop in Emporia, Kansas. If no one in this town takes them in, they will be on the train with Sister Marter the next day, traveling back to the city where an uncertain future awaits them.
      Could a young rancher be the answer to their prayers: A home for Kelli, a father for Charlie and a loving family for both of them?Orphan Train Bride gives you a window into the heart of an girl whose life has been defined by her status as “orphan,” a girl who learns she is so much more. She has a loving heart and a strong hope, and a Heavenly Father to lead her into her good future. Trials and testing will come, as they did to (and do) to all pioneers, but together they can be a family where none of them are orphaned, widowed or abandoned anymore.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                This review is from: Orphan Train Bride (Kindle Edition)
     Orphan Train Bride by Teresa Lilly is a sweet and enduring love story filled with growth, discovery, and freedom. My heart was caught up in the sweet and innocent circumstances that surrounded this beautifully enchanting story. While historical fiction is not one of the genres that I usual read, I was easily taken in by this lovely story of hope and faith. It deeply touched my heart, and I hated to see it end. I so wanted to know what happened next. Perhaps the author will continue this stunning story in another book if we are lucky.This memorable story highlights the transforming power of love that transcends any hurt and pain that this world can dish out. I felt like I was on the sidelines cheering these amazing characters on as they boldly and courageously walked into the unknown. If not for their steadfast and growing relationship with the Lord, the results of this endeavor might have been very different. Above all, their willingness to adjust and grow even when things got uncomfortable made all the difference in the world.     God’s curious silence in times of change and trial can be very disconcerting and alarming. While our human mind would tell us that at those times we have been abandoned, in reality, He is actually walking next to us. When we grow weary of the journey, it is His loving words of encouragement that floods our soul with life. It is He who holds our hand when the path we walk on grows steep and slippery. His arms carry us over snake infested areas and place our feet firmly on safe ground. He was the strength, love, patience, and hope that this story was built upon. He created a family full of love and promise out of a group of strangers. Without Him as our cornerstone, we have no hope of surviving the challenges that lay before us.

Teresa Lilly has written a wonderful story that will touch your heart and reawaken your faith. Her writing has such a humble yet profound presence about it. I read this book in one sitting, and I just couldn’t tear myself away from it. I don’t think any romance collection would be complete without this tender romance built on faith and love.

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Mamma’s Bells Review

mammas bellsMamma’s Bells

It’s about a family who all learn to love Jesus. The girl is the main character who goes up and has some big decision to make. I loved reading it because it had Gods love and pure romance ( nothing inappropriate).
By Shay Xin….

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Sheriff Bride Reviews

Sheriff Bride by Teresa Ives Lilly is a well-written, thought-provoking story about four siblings yearning to answer the call to take the place of their deceased father as sheriff of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The story takes a most interest turn when the reader learns the four siblings are the daughters, not the sons, of John Hardin.
Cleverly spun together to keep that a secret until after the introduction and setting, it keeps the reader guessing as to what will happen next. The reader soon finds out when four girls take over as THE sheriff of Jackson Hole, Wyoming in the saloon-shoot-‘em-up-days of the old west and the suspense is aroused until the very end.
Sheriff Bride also ingeniously brings together a multitude of Biblical virtues, making it a wholesome read that is a joy to recommend to any age . . . Molly Lemmons

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Sheriff Bride Reviews

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Samantha “Sam”, Roberta “Rob”, Daniella “Dan”, and Josephina “Jo” Hardin lost their father two days ago.

The four sisters are relieved as their father was a mean, evil man. Unfortunately, this puts the sisters in a bind. Their father left them penniless. There might be one thing in the girls favor. Mark Carlin from Jackson Hole, Wyoming sent their father a letter offering him a job as sheriff. Sam comes up with the plan that why don’t the four of them become the new sheriff. Isn’t four better then one?

When the girls arrive, Mark is anything but pleased. In fact he can’t get the girls out of town fast enough. The men in town haven’t seen a woman in a long time. The Hardin sisters are not that easy to get rid of. Can they convince Mark that they are the right women for the job?

Sheriff Bride is a rough and tumble read. I really liked this book. Sam, Rob, Jo and Dan were great. I couldn’t choose a favorite as I liked them all. Each one had a different personality that stood out. Though, there was one thing that they all had in common and that is that they are deadly with a gun. The Hardin sisters dominated in this book. I like that they earned respect from all the men. This book kind of reminded me of Little Women but the Western version. If you like Westerns then you should check this book out.

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Christmas Village Miracle Reviews

Christmas Village Miracle

It was a heartwarming story needed this time of year. With everything going on in life, we can use more stories like that. (amazon reviewer)

The Christmas Village Miracle, a short tale written by Teresa Ives Lilly is a sweet, magical story comparable to the beloved story, Miracle on Thirty-Fourth Street.
A, magical event occurs when a sad and lonely young girl becomes mesmerized by the beautiful Christmas display in the window of a town antique shop. The exhibit is a tiny replica of a New England Village, complete with candy shop, church, ice pond for skating, little figurines of lovely ladies, hands in fur muffs and wearing long dresses, bank, library, and little cottages surrounded by white picket fences.
The girl, Jane Smith passes the store where she watches the owner of the antique store working to assemble the Village display, and while watching, she submerges herself in her daydreams of how wonderful it would be to live in such a place. She cannot wait to get off work and walk back past the shop to look in the window at the finished display.
Her path crosses with a handsome young man with dreams of being the banker in that magical village, and that is how the “the unexplained” occurs. The ending is “magical” and leaves the reader with the peace that the author intended. This is an excellent read for all ages.

Molly Lemmons, author and Educator,

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Christmas Village Miracle Interview

Interview with Teresa Lilly for the Novella Christmas Village Miracles

What is the working title of your book?
Christmas Village Miracle

Where did the idea come from for the book?
Every year I put up a lovely Christmas Village, and have always wished I could live there.

What genre does your book fall under?
Christian romance (it’s only a very short novella so the romance is very light.)

What is the one sentence synopsis of your book?
What would it be like to say a prayer and be magically transported
into a New England Christmas Village.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
I publish with Lovely Christian Romance at
They publish christian romance novellas.

How long did it take to write the first draft of your manuscript?
Well, that only took a few hours, but the ten re-writes have been time consuming
and I still feel I have not captured the real essence of what I wanted it to be like.

Who or what inspired you to write this book?
My daughter Shelby has inspired me to write all my books.
She reads them, edits them, loves them and sometimes makes me change them….

What else might pique the reader’s interest?
This novella is now in a collection with two other writers,
called Christmas Village Miracles, basically it is the same book
with the same cover but three novellas instead of one. Great for Christmas
you can get it at and at

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Christmas Village Miracle Review

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Christmas Village Miracle Review

Every day for four years, Jane Smith passes by an anti

ques shop on her way to work at the factory. Every year at Christmas time the owner displays a Christmas scene that features a miniature village called The Village of Peace. Jane pulls herself away from the window display and bumps into a man.

Ron Morgan has just met the most beautiful woman in his life. Ron can’t stop thinking about her and goes in search of Jane.

Charlie Righton is the owner of the antiques shop. Jane comes in to get a better look of the Village of Peace. She is so disappointed when she learns that it is not for sale. Charlie tells Jane that miracles happen casino and that she should pray.

I liked this book. I thought it was sweet and a quick read. The only issues I had with the book was that the first several pages was spent describing Jane’s obsession with the Christmas display, which I didn’t really understand until I got middle of the way. Also, I would have liked to get to know Jane and Ron better as they were suppose to fall in love but I didn’t feel the connection. Overall, though I liked this book and thought it was magical Christmas fun.

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Lucky In Shamrock Texas Review

shamrockLucky In Shamrock, Texas

Review by Molly Lemmons

Lucky in Shamrock, Texas is a short tale written by Teresa Ives Lilly. The brief story is about a small town girl, lost in the confines of the town she despises, with seemingly no way to leave. Her father leaves the family when she is in high school and never returns.
Left without means of support, her mother takes a job at the local diner, and after her death, her daughter, Carol, goes to work in the same cafe’. With no future, nowhere to go, and no means to go anywhere anyway, she is faced with the daily hum-drum monotony of slinging chow at the rundown diner.
Her life is rejuvenated at the appearance of a customer who comes through on Route 66 and stops at the diner. The immediate attraction between them is mutual, and Carol watches her life take on a whole new meaning. At this point, the reader watches her character turn from one of despondency to one of exuberance.
A warm and innocent love story ensues, and ends with the proverbial, “happily ever after,” making this an easy read for any age.
Molly Lemmons, Author and Educator, Rtr
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